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Our Clients Say

Barbara delivered a wonderfully inspiring session for our J&J managers through See Change. She is a natural facilitator and her session took us on a very impactful journey to understand the experience of stigma and how to overcome the challenges around Mental Health. Barbara’s style is very empowering and her session leaves no doubt in everyone’s mind of the accountability each and every one of us have, as colleagues and leaders, to make a difference. I am really looking forward to seeing the positive impact Barbara’s sessions will continue to create.

Richard Bolus  Senior Finance Business Partner, Boots UK

Barbara delivered a highly inspirational and thought provoking session on mental health for our Finance colleagues at Boots. The passion, and commitment Barbara has for removing the stigma surrounding mental health is truly heartwarming and the practical hints and tips for improving ones quality of life really do apply to everyone. When listening to a Barbara's own personal story you can't help but be inspired and know that the expertise provided by Barbara on this topic comes from someone in the know. I would recommend Barbara's services to anyone wishing to support their colleagues in matters of health and wellbeing.

Dee France

Wellbeing and Support Lead at Chartered Accountants Ireland

Barbara possesses a rare blend of talents - highly intelligent, empathetic and passionately dedicated to her cause. In a world where the noise can often drown out the important messages, Barbara has found a way to break through and create ripples of change that resonate far and wide.Her work has had a transformative impact on individuals and organizations alike. Equally, her workshops, webinars, and campaigns have sensitized countless minds to the challenges faced by those dealing with mental health issues. By providing the right resources and support, Barbara has empowered individuals to seek help and embark on journeys of healing. Her work has not only impacted the present but will also shape a more compassionate and understanding future for generations to come.Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara and her work in the area of mental health advocacy and as passionate public speaker!

Blanaid Moore Leonard

Marketing and Events Executive, Ibec

Barbara delivered a masterclass in mental health at Ibec's flagship workplace wellbeing conference in June 2022. The content, delivery and feedback for this session were all superb. Delegates learned about the impacts of stigma, the importance of open conversations and practical tips on how to manage mental health. Barbara's facilitation of the session was fantastic - an interactive, informative and safe space for delegates to understand the effects of mental health and the associated stigma, and how to support colleagues. I would recommend Barbara to any organisation that wants to put a spotlight on mental health and open the conversation around supporting peers going through periods of challenge.

Andrea Gaffney- National Co-ordinator, MRII: promotion of professionalism & best practice for Healthcare Industry Representatives.

On behalf of the President, Council and members of the MRII I am delighted to highly recommend Barbara.

The MRII invited Barbara to present at our MEDTalk event in February 2018. Barbara gave a very frank and honest account of her experience with mental health difficulties and gave practical advise to all with a reminder to nourish and protect our own mental health.

Barbara's preparation and presentation on the night was meticulous, it was obvious she had approached this involvement with us with a great level of enthusiasm and commitment.

Feedback from all in attendance was excellent. Your life and event will be enriched by Barbara's input.

Anna Kennedy- Global Health Services Operations Lead Ireland at Johnson & Johnson

Barbara delivered a wonderfully inspiring session for our J&J managers through See Change. She is a natural facilitator and her session took us on a very impactful journey to understand the experience of stigma and how to overcome the challenges around Mental Health.
Barbara’s style is very empowering and her session leaves no doubt in everyone’s mind of the accountability each and every one of us have, as colleagues and leaders, to make a difference. I am really looking forward to seeing the positive impact Barbara’s sessions will continue to create.

Rachel Shelly
Head of Medical Technologies @ IDA Ireland

Barbara recently spoke on the topic of Mental Health and Stigma at an Ability and
Inclusion event at IDA Ireland to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
Barbara is a terrific speaker – thought provoking, insightful, forthright and honest sharing
her lived experience of mental health; and delivering practical advice to help reduce the
stigma around this vital topic.
I am delighted to recommend Barbara as a speaker.

Pat Neville
Communications Manager at Coillte

I am delighted to recommend Barbara speaking and communication skills. Barbara recently addressed Coillte staff with her core message of ending the stigma associated
with mental health. Barbara's presentation was insightful, impactful, intelligent and eye- opening. In her own unique style Barbara engages an audience fully taking them along a
journey of mental health awareness and leaves a long lasting impression. I would have no hesitation in recommending Barbara to any group who want to learn more about mental
health issues and solutions.

Roger Greer
Stakeholder Engagement Officer at NHS Digital

Barbara's considered and incredibly personal presentation - as well as her measured engagement during panel discussions - added so much to our event and was really well received by delegates, which was reflected in our feedback. Her contribution was perfect for the audience. A pleasure to work with.

Caroline McGuigan
CEO, Advocate, Activist, Entrepreneur

I have had the privilege and pleasure to work with Barbara over the last number of years.
Barbara is a truly inspirational woman who lights up a room literally. Barbara is
passionate, committed and lives eats and sleeps recovery and all that it stands for.
Barbara is authentic, honest, warm and loving, all the qualities we all strive for. It is a
blessing to call Barbara my friend and work colleague

Louise O'Brien (nee Bradshaw) Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Boots UK & Ireland

I have worked with Barbara over the past six months in helping to raise awareness in the area of Mental Health, to highlight the importance of looking after it & in breaking down any associated stigma by openly talking about it, within the Company both from an Irish & UK perspective.

Her professionalism, enthusiasm & commitment have been evident from day one & clearly shines through. Barbara tailors her delivery to suit each audience, in a highly articulate & engaging manner to effectively land the message at hand and is very much a natural at both public speaking and facilitating.
Having heard Barbara speak 'Inspirational, phenomenal, motivational and extremely brave' are just some of the words used by colleagues to describe her.

Whilst the subject at hand is a serious one, Barbara has a great sense of humour. She is highly creative, open & honest, a warm & very engaging person whom I have had the genuine pleasure in getting to know.

I would highly recommend Barbara to anyone looking to work with her as her drive, strength, tenaciousness & commitment to getting it right are just some of her key attributes in ensuring a successful outcome to the task at

Shane McArdle - FCMA, CGMA
Finance Director at Boots Ireland & Brexit Readiness Lead at Boots UK and Ireland

I first met Barbara as Boots Ireland sought to help raise the issue of mental health awareness in Ireland. As the Irish leadership engaged with See Change, Barbara, as a
See Change advocate, came in to start the programme with the leadership, which was to be rolled out to the rest of the leaders in Ireland.
For me, that first engagement was incredible. Barbara brought this very weighty subject to life through a mix of audience participation initially through the See Change story, and through her own story, that I was almost speechless. She has since appeared in front of most Boots Ireland leaders (store and support office alike), and the feedback is consistent.
Standing ovations are a rare thing - not for Barbara in Boots Ireland. 
I sponsored the 2017 Boots Finance YoUniversity in Boots in which we have a dedicated week of learning and development with 100+ one hour or more sessions of L&D (across UK, Ireland, and also globally), and one of two key themes was to be Health & Well Being.
My 1st thought was to have Barbara as a key note speaker as our first lunch club on Tue 27th June 2017 to widen the message over & Changing minds about mental health, one
conversation at a time & (
We had over 120 people at the lunch club session, and the feedback has been phenomenal. We subsequently ran another 2 sessions across another day. People (as
both line managers, and personally) have approached Barbara after the sessions, and she has guided them in an appropriate direction, offered huge encouragement on coping with (personally and as a line manager), and treatment of, mental health issues.
She has already changed the lives of many people I work with. I am, and will continue to be a very active and vocal advocate of Barbara and her message.

Claire Hawkes
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Barbara is an excellent public speaker on matters relating to mental health in general and to recovery in particular. She speaks from the place of 'expert by experience' giving hope
to all who encounter her. I highly recommend Barbara as an articulate speaker who gives generously of herself and her time.

Fionn Fitzpatrick
Project Coordinator at Gateway Mental Health Project, an affiliate Association of Mental
Health Ireland since July 2015

Barbara is a powerful public speaker and inspirational expert by experience in mental health. Her input into our recovery programme provided participants with a unique
opportunity to learn and engage in recovery work on a practical and empowering basis. She has a creative and innovative approach to working with groups and is able to engage people in authentic open dialogue around sensitive issues.

Bev Webster
Owner Think Better: Psychotherapist & Coach; Mental Health Facilitator & Consultant. 

I have worked with Barbara as a co-facilitator on many occasions in different companies across Ireland. As a co facilitator Barbara is considerate, professional and supportive, she always has your back and working with her is a pleasure.
Barbara is authentic, the real deal. She is passionate about mental health and Recovery and she is the living embodiment of both. She is totally committed to helping people live good mental health and to supporting organisations to do the same.
On a personal note she is kind and funny, a joy to know and work with. All that work with Barbara will be enriched by the experience.

I worked with Barbara over the last number of years in developing the Green Ribbon stigma reduction campaign. Over the last number of years I found Barbara to be supportive, driven, creative and most of all honest in all her applications. I, like others, found that when you meet Barbara you tend to never forget the passion and drive for a more passionate equal world where honesty, compassion, and creativity are central to Barbara's outlook.

We worked on developing key projects in the community and organisations. I found Barbara to be appropriate, approachable and excited about her work and the shared work experience.
Mental health work is often complex and the people who work in this area often are very passionate about what they do.  However, Barbara stands head and shoulders above, as her ability to connect and support people no matter what their position or role is respectful and honest.
I have no issue in submitting a supportive message about Barbara and her work. I look forward to our paths crossing again, and do hope we can work together again.

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