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What Barbara offers

Barbara is available for:

  • Panel discussions

  • Online events

  • In person events

  • National and international events

  • Workshops & training sessions

  • Seminars & Webinars

  • Conferences

Timing of events (weekdays, weekends, daytime or evening) is flexible and Barbara is available for ‘out of office hours’ depending on notice given.


Areas of expertise


Mental Health and mental illness: normalising the topic and reducing negative perceptions and barriers to accessing support. Barbara breaks down the difference between mental health and mental illness, with easy-to-understand information around

Stigma: Public & self-stigma (stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and unconscious bias) Barbara has advised The National Office for Suicide Prevention, mental health charities and the Mental Health Commission in relation to language for mental health and has written national awareness & information guides.

Discrimination: Impact of discrimination on people experiencing mental health difficulties, or from minority groups.

Unconscious Bias: What it is and how it impacts our daily lives, and how it adds an additional impact on those experiencing mental health issues.

Recovery: practical tools on a journey of recovery for people who have experienced mental illness or mental health difficulties, given from both personal recovery and professionally working in the area of mental health for a decade and a half.

Wellbeing: Practical tips & tools for maintaining wellbeing, even through challenging times

Workplace Wellbeing & Strategy: Mental Health Policy, Reasonable Accommodation, Annual Objectives and implementation. Barbara has supported workplaces across Ireland for over a decade and is recognised by bodies like Ibec as an expert in the area.

Personal story: Barbara can speak to being a suicide survivor, bipolar disorder 1, eating disorder, self-harm, chronic pain conditions (fibromyalgia & arthritis) and long-term illness.

Barbara weaves part of her story into her presentations, bringing the right level of professionalism and storytelling to the groups she speaks to. She makes the topics easy to understand and identify with, while tying the objectives back to actionable change.

Ready to fully support your staff's mental health needs?

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