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Sometimes we all need a bit of help. Whether that's completing something we've been doing for a while, getting help to start something new, or finding the motivation to complete something we've been working on for a while.

Feeling stuck no matter where you are isn't a nice feeling.


Gaining clarity on where you are, and why, can be a big step in creating the space you need to make an action plan on how to move yourself forward.

Whether this is for a project, an overall life plan, or a specific goal, coaching can help.



Having somebody to help you see more clearly so that you can make informed decisions and start taking action is the difference between making small changes that don't last, and radical action that do.

We all need a push, a nudge, and some support, and coaching can be that for you. Long-term changes have many steps along the way and most often need several different action plans to reach the end goal.


Coaching helps you to define a clear path to achieving your goals in a way that supports you best. Coaching sessions are typically 50 minutes and you will come away with a clear guide and roadmap to help you create actions towards your goals.


Barbara’s clients to date have all seen a big shift in their mindset and clarity from their very first session. For some people one session is enough, and for others having that guidance and support for a period of time helps them grow exponentially.


Barbara is a trained life coach, and has also been a facilitator of mental health workshops for over a decade. Whatever you need, she’s got you.

Are you ready to gain clarity on where you are?

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