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Are you ready to be supported in the most appropriate way when dealing with your staff mental health?

Mental Health Policy Development

A well-defined mental health policy can help in early identification and management of mental health issues, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.


Further to this, it improves workplace culture when embedded properly, it acts as a guidance document for all employees to have the same supportive experience when going though mental health difficulties, and it supports the organisation to have best practices in place while also ensuring legal compliance.

Procedural Guidance: From creating procedures for mental health crisis management to outlining accommodation processes, we provide clear and effective guidance every step of the way.

Tailored Resources: Access a wealth of frameworks, templates, and integrated solutions designed for various stakeholders, including C-suite executives, HR professionals, managers, and staff members.


Additionally, our approach establishes best practices and ensures compliance with legal standards, safeguarding the organisation and addressing the needs of employees who may not be actively engaged in the additional accommodations being provided to fulfil their work responsibilities.

This offering promotes a positive workplace culture and provides a structured, legally compliant framework, creating a supportive environment for all employees.

Why is it important for your organisation to create robust mental health frameworks, policies, and procedures?



7 in 10 employees fear that their jobs would be negatively impacted if they disclosed a mental health issue.

80% of employers in Ireland are not investing in workplace mental health.


Managers have a bigger impact on employee’s mental health than their therapist or GP (69%)

Your Roadmap to Workplace Wellbeing

Ready to fully support your staff's mental health needs?

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