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Barbara has teamed up with Brian Crooke from Workwell Ireland to build a Wellbeing Champion training for workplaces in Ireland.

Programmes such as the 2-day wellbeing champion training and Mental Health First Aid are very well received by attendees, however, there can often be a gap in how they are implemented by organisations when they are creating formal ‘side-of-desk’ roles using the training such as their pre-planning and in particular, post training considerations. There is no consistency regarding follow-on support for the newly trained champion team or mental health first aiders.

In a few organisations, the teams build on their training and develop into continuously improving, engaged and valuable ERG (Employee Resource Group). In some organisations however, the teams may lose their way or lose momentum, and their impact may lessen over time.

On August 23rd Barbara and Brian brought together a group of experienced and passionate industry professionals to discuss this gap and how best they might address it.

They prepare to pilot the programme in 2024.

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